Friday 8th December

SNAP's Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day Check List...

Make your own woolly wonderland at your school, work place or with your friends, and ensure families affected by disability always have somewhere supportive to go! 


Encourage your work colleagues to wear their quirkiest sweaters.

Suggest to your school to make their Christmas celebrations even more fun.

An excuse for your friends and family to get together and get all dressed up!

SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) helps Essex families who have children and young people with any special need or disability.

More than 2,200 families are currently receiving help from SNAP and since it was formed in 1994, over 4,800 families have been supported by our charity with counselling, benefits advice, parent training, talks, a helpline plus a range of therapeutic and developmental activities for the children which also enable them to enjoy activities and form friendships. These include music, yoga, drama, pre-school sessions, multi-sensory activities, plus after school clubs and activities during school holidays.

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